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    OpChem(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.

    OpChem(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. is affiliated with Shanghai Op Industrial Co., Ltd. Since 2010, the group has been involved in the fields of pharmaceutical technology, environmental engineering, new materials and new energy, and has become a comprehensive industrial group.

    OpChem is located in Changzhou’s national technology enterprise incubator, Sanjing Science & Technology Park where it is mainly engaged in the R&D and sales of Intermediates, Flavors and Fragrances, and various specialty chemicals.

    Customized production is a major feature of the company. The company has two R&D centers and a research team that is rigorous, realistic, innovative and dedicated to their tasks. They are highly skilled in organic synthesis and possess rich production experience, excelling at the moves from R&D to pilot production and, finally, to commercial production. Optimization and improvement of existing production processes maximize customer satisfaction. At the same time, we have established good cooperative relations with a number of factories in China, and has close cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions. We always adhere to the concept of R&D innovation, customized production, quality control and customer service, and is steadily advancing to high-tech enterprises, and is committed to becoming a one-stop chemical solution and service supplier.

    Our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, India and other countries where we have established long-term cooperative relations with many foreign companies. The North American office has been set up specifically to provide more convenient services for international customers. And, as always, OpChem(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. adheres to the enterprise tenet of “Quality First, Customer First” in order to provide customers with reliable quality, competitive pricing and excellent service.


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    Welcome to contact us

    +86(0)519 8328 8015