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    New energy lithium capital - Changzhou

    2022/09/13 15:19

    The number of midstream enterprises in the industrial chain of new energy vehicles in Changzhou has reached 3,440, ranking first in China. Especially in the power battery sector, has gathered nearly 50 enterprises on the regulations, power battery has been built with a capacity of 85.5GWh, ranking first in the country. Nearly 50 regulated enterprises, led by Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines and Honeycomb Energy, are gathered here. The number of enterprises in the middle reaches of the new energy vehicle industry chain (3,440) ranks first in China. It has built a power battery with a capacity of 85.5GWh, ranking first in China.

    According to the data in 2021, Changzhou's vehicle power battery output exceeded 57GWh, accounting for 2/3 in Jiangsu Province and 1/3 in the country, worthy of the name of the first in the country! At present, Changzhou has lithium battery factories: AVIC Lithium, Beehive Energy, Nortel Aste, brought together South Korea SK, Dunsheng technology, Beitri, Bei Aiyi, lithium source technology, health technology and other lithium material enterprises, the key is the lithium giant Ningde era of East China manufacturing center is also located in Changzhou Liyang!

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